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I’ve always intended to keep a better blog, partly for the online presence, and partly for the record of things I learn as I muddle my way through computer work and scientific research. My first real attempt, at Coded Ocean, was a bit of a failure – partly for the normal reasons (lazy, etc), but I believe also because ultimately the WordPress format didn’t suit my style very well. Too much moving a mouse and clicking, manually uploading figures and images, and a frustratingly buggy Markdown renderer that often required me to write raw html in my posts.

Since learning about Jekyll, particularly since my friend and colleague (and former supervisor) Dan Kelley set up his own Jekyll blog, it seems like it’s much more along the lines of the kind of blog that would work for me. Specifically, Jekyll:

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The guts of this website are based off of the knitr-hyde sample blog, which is a great starting point for a R/knitr website and blog, which is in turn built off of the great poole/hyde template. The source code is hosted on GitHub (of course).